Barrier Free Showers: The Answer To All Your Bathing Issues

Posted on: 19 October 2016


Many families now have several generations living under the same roof, which can pose a number of challenges. Designing a bathroom that meets the needs of all family members is essential to a harmonious and pleasant lifestyle. One of the best ways to make bathing easy for everyone is to build a barrier free shower in the main bathroom.


As your parents age, simply getting in and out of a tub can become difficult. Showering is also problematic because most models have a ledge at the bottom. A barrier free shower has a door that is flush with the bathroom floor. The tile is then sloped slightly to allow water to drain without flooding the bathroom floor. If you add tile designed to make the floor slip-resistant, you can feel confident that your parents will not fall during their showers. Also, you are aging as well, so having this type of shower in your home is simply a good investment for your future needs. 


Children can begin showering at an early age, but they are prone to slipping and tripping. A barrier-free shower works particularly well for those kids learning to shower on their own. Plus, the glass doors allow you to subtly check on them to make certain they are unharmed and also to make sure they aren't up to no good. If you still want a bathtub option, you can have that, too. Some of the best barrier free shower encasements include a tub. You can have a shower area immediately inside the door and then a tub that is also inside the enclosure. If you place the shower attachments correctly, you can use them in or outside the tub. Cleaning the tub becomes incredibly easy under these circumstances. Spray on the tub cleaner and then use the shower attachment to hose everything down. In many ways, this setup becomes shower nirvana. Your kids are safe and clean, and you have your pick of bathing options. 

Barrier free shower enclosures can be the answer to the varying needs of your family members. These enclosures help keep everyone safe from tripping and falling while offering an easy way to check on vulnerable family members. The biggest winner of such an arrangement may well be you. Imagine bathing in comfort while being free of worry about everyone else in the family. Barrier free showers can keep everyone clean and injury free.