4 Reasons To Hire Professional Tree Removal Services

Posted on: 6 July 2016


If you have trees in your yard that need to be removed, you may be wondering whether you can attempt to remove them yourselves or if you have to hire a professional. Even if your trees are fairly small, there are a few reasons why professional services are usually the best idea. 

1. Tree Roots Can Spread Deceptively Deep

Not only can tree roots spread deep, but they can also become entwined with other things. By simply pulling out trees, you could potentially be doing damage to other systems: sprinkler systems, septic systems, and underground wiring. Professional tree removal services are experienced enough to be able to identify types of trees and how far their roots will spread. They then have the techniques necessary to remove the tree without damage.

2. Trees Often Fall Unpredictably

Many homeowners have permanently damaged their own properties and their neighboring properties by not anticipating where a taller tree would land. Even if a tree is cut on one side, it could fall to the other side -- potentially falling on the homeowner's roof or a neighboring roof. Trees cause quite a lot of damage when they fall and this damage is not likely to be covered by insurance in this situation.

3. Trees Need to be Hauled Away

When a homeowner pays for a tree removal service, they aren't just paying for the tree removal itself -- they're also paying for the wood to be hauled away. This is no small task. Trees are heavy and a homeowner will likely find themselves having to hire a waste removal service regardless. 

4. Trees Need Specialized Tools to Remove

Trees -- especially established trees -- require specialized equipment to remove. Old, mature trees often need to be cut down and then the stump has to be removed with the use of power equipment. Simply purchasing or renting this equipment will likely not be affordable. Training will also be needed to use these tools effectively.

Though it's more than possible to remove trees on your own, the above reasons do generally make it more feasible to hire a professional tree removal service. Smaller trees may appear to be easier to remove, but they're usually hardier than they first appear. A professional tree removal service can usually clear a large tree (or multiple smaller trees) in a day's time and leave your yard looking ready for your new landscaping right away.

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