Quick Tricks And Cheap Fixes For Transforming Your Front Porch Into A Charming And Welcoming Outdoor Space

Posted on: 19 May 2016


Does your front porch look bland and boring? Do you often dream of having a welcoming and inviting porch but are unable to afford the cost of remodeling? Fortunately, it only takes a little bit of time and money to turn your front porch into one that is overflowing with charm and warmth.

Perk it up with plants

Plants and flowers can make any porch blossom with color and natural beauty. Visit your local garden store and look for reduced plants and flowers. Since most stores sell the bulk of their gardening plants in the spring, they typically begin to mark down the plants that are left towards the end of the spring planting season. You can often purchase plants for 50 to 75 percent off the original cost.

Get creative with planters

You don't have to buy fancy pots for your plants. Use items you already have around the house. Old boots make great planters. Other good options for planters include old cooking pots, tea kettles, tea pots, and pails. Dig your own dirt rather than purchasing potting soil or look for bags of inexpensive potting soil at your local dollar store.

Add charming but cheap accessories

When it comes to accessories, cheap versions often look as good as expensive ones. Whether you shop online or locally, you can find inexpensive items to dress up your front porch.

Purchase cheap wind chimes to add a wonderful old-fashioned appeal to your porch. Who can resist the sound of lovely wind chimes tinkling on a breezy day? Not only is the music they produce pleasant, but you can look for unique designs to add a decorative touch to your front porch.

Cheap birdbaths and garden figurines make nice focal points for a decorative front porch grouping. You can look for old garden tools and tin signs with a garden theme at garage sales to hang along a porch wall if desired.

Don't forget to add an old lantern for some additional charm. Use a battery-operated candle in the lantern to add a hint of nighttime ambiance to welcome visitors.

Place a few colorful cushions on chairs or a porch swing for an instant makeover. Make your own cushions from discount fabrics or by recycling old clothing to save even more money.

Get a little help from Mother Nature

An inexpensive hummingbird feeder or two makes a delightful addition to the front porch. Forget about buying hummingbird feed. You can make your own by boiling one cup of sugar and four cups of water for a few minutes. Let the sugar water cool and fill your feeders. Store unused feed in your refrigerator.  

Add a traditional-style bird feeder to attract other birds. Buy birdseed at your local farm supply store in bulk to save money.  All you need to do is fill your feeders and set back and enjoy nature's show.

It's the little things that make a big difference when it comes to transforming a dull and boring front porch into one that gets attention. For a minimal amount of money and a small investment of time, you can have a porch that is as charming as it is welcoming.