Tips For Making Your Patio Entertainment Ready

Posted on: 17 February 2016


The patio provides an excellent congregation spot. Your backyard can often accommodate more people than any single room in your house, and the patio is their gathering place. If you enjoy outdoor entertaining, the patio is the natural heart of your home. Design a space that can facilitate different entertainment styles.

Add Pattern and Color

Your patio should feel like a festive space, especially if you plan to do a lot of entertaining. As such, start with a decorative foundation of pattern and color. For example, lay down an outdoor rug with a bold pattern and bright colors. Draw those colors throughout the rest of the décor in cushions, accent pieces and hanging shades. Alternatively, start with a monochromatic color scheme in the furnishings, and add cushions or throws with bright patterning.

Use Adaptable Furniture

If you do a lot of entertaining, you may want to start with a foundation of adaptable furniture. So, instead of furnishing with set pieces, look for ones that do double duty. For example, in place of a formal dining set, put out a selection of café tables, accent tables and different types of chairs. Likewise, look for items that double as storage, such as bench seating. Such adaptability allows you to switch from a family dinner to an evening soiree to a neighborhood barbecue with ease.

Hang Decorative Lanterns

Lanterns are another example of décor that do double duty. Decorative hanging lanterns look pretty all day long. In the evening, they light up to provide spots of intimate illumination. Look for lanterns that match your outdoor décor. For example, Moroccan-style lanterns match any lounge décor, especially if it has an exotic slant. On the other hand, spherical ball lanterns look charming with modern and contemporary décor. You could even set up a tableau with decorative lanterns. So, on a table place three glass-pane lanterns, but fill only one with light. Place decorative items in the other according to your design theme.

Install a Fan

Once people congregate in any slightly enclosed space in the daytime, the heat will start to rise. This is especially true near the grill or other cooking station. Better Homes and Gardens suggests alleviating this problem with a ceiling fan. The fan can be installed to a proper ceiling or even a pergola. When in motion, it not only circulates the air, it can also drop the temperature by 10 degrees. If outfitted with lights, a ceiling fan is also another source of illumination.

Use decorative lanterns and patterned color with necessities such as adaptable furniture and a ceiling fan to create an entertainment-ready patio.