Checkmate! Kill The Queen And Win The War Against Ants

Posted on: 25 August 2015


Ants can be very difficult to deal with, especially if they seem to have made it their mission to invade your home and taunt your family. You can do your best to get rid of the ants you have in your house, only to find you wake up to the same problem the next morning. This cycle can continue until you find a way to take care of the problem for good. The tips below will help you reclaim your home and take care of the ants for good.

Focus on the queen

The one true way for you to get rid of the ants is to kill the queen. Each ant colony will be comprised of many more ants than just what you see and one or more egg-laying queens. A colony that has only one queen is referred to as monogyny. Colonies that have more than one queen are referred to as polygyne.

The queen's job is to increase the number of ants in the colony quickly and on a regular basis. Sometimes, they can lay thousands of eggs in a single day. A queen ant will also live for years, sometimes as many as 30.

Given this information, it's easy to see why you want to focus on getting to that queen. A colony needs the queen to sustain its self. Once the queen is dead, the colony won't function properly, its entire infrastructure will crumble and the ants will scatter about and die off.

Killing the queen

The queen ant will not be one of the ants you see marching through your home; she is tucked away in the nest laying eggs. She counts on the other ants in the colony to bring her food. Therefore, the best way for you to get to her is by tricking the other ants into bringing her poisoned food.

Instead of wasting your money to repeatedly spray your home with ant sprays, go with ant bait products. You want to place the bait near an entrance where the ants are making their way in. Make sure children and pets aren't going to be able to get into the bait. The worker ants will take the bait back to the nest where the queen will eat it and die. You should see the ants slowly disappear shortly after.

If you still continue to see ants in your kitchen, you should call out a pest control company to assess your needs. They can then get rid of your ant problem for you.