The Problems With Faux-Granite Laminate Countertop Kits

Posted on: 31 July 2015


Granite is quickly becoming one of the most popular materials for countertops in bathrooms and kitchens across the country. While granite countertops look great and have a wide variety of benefits, some homeowners find themselves buying granite countertop kits instead. Granite countertop kits are designed to make laminate counters look like granite, and are promoted as a cost-effective and easy way to get the granite look. However, they come with many downsides, as well.

It's Not As Easy As It Sounds

Faux-granite countertop kits tout that they're just as easy to set up and install as a regular laminate countertop, but this is slightly misleading. Faux-granite countertop kits create the look of granite by applying a special paint to the laminate. Unless the homeowner is very experienced with spray painting, this is where the kit may become harder than it's advertised to be. If the paint is applied sloppily, it will look nothing like granite, and you'll be stuck with unattractive counters.

In short, while these kits are advertised as easy to use, that's not always true, depending on the skill level of the installer. 

The Appearance May Not Last, And It Isn't As Durable

If the paint is well-applied, when a kit is installed, you'll have the appearance of a granite countertop. Unfortunately, part of the appeal of granite countertops is how sturdy and resilient they are. Real granite can be exposed to hot pots and pans without burning or scorching, dirt easily washes off, and there's almost no risk of leaving scratches behind on granite, even if you're using a sharp knife.

Laminate, on the other hand, is easily scratched, burned, and it isn't as easy to clean dirt off of painted laminate. If you're successful in creating a realistic-looking granite paint job, it could easily be ruined, making it obvious that your counters aren't actually granite. 


One other problem with faux-granite laminate is that laminate may produce formaldehyde, a human carcinogen. While restrictions in the U.S. have tightened to make laminate manufacturers use resins that emit less formaldehyde, this chemical can still be released into the air.

Real granite countertops, on the other hand, aren't made of resin, plastic, or particleboard, so there's no formaldehyde being released into the air.

Taking shortcuts to get the appearance of granite countertops may seem like a good idea, but faux-granite laminate countertops have many drawbacks. If the long-lasting beauty and resilience is what drew you to the idea of a granite countertop, they're well worth the investment, and will make your kitchen or bathroom look beautiful for years to come.

Contact a professional company, like GranBrazil Inc, for more information on your granite countertop options.