Why You Should Use An Aluminum Storefront

Posted on: 30 January 2015


The first impression that your business makes says a lot about your business. It's what stands out immediately when someone walks past your store. The right storefront will draw customers in, show off your product and meet every required energy code. An ideal storefront will also be durable and meet every safety standard set for storefronts.

Aluminum storefronts have been revolutionizing the storefront construction industry. It possesses an idea amount of strength, while also being lightweight and affordable. On top of all that, it is able to meet every energy code on the books.

Benefits of Aluminum Storefronts

There are many benefits that go along with using an aluminum forefront. Each of these benefits highlight why this type of storefront has become the best option for retail store owners.

  • Customizable Anodized Finishes. An anodized finish is a coating that helps aluminum maintain its appearance and color. This finish has become an industry standard. Conventionally, it maintains the metal and grain look that has become well known with aluminum. However, recent advances have opened up a new level of customization to anodized finishes. Store owners are now able to choose between bronze, black, white, and champagne. By providing a unique look and allowing the material to stand up to anything the environment can throw at it, anodized finishes are a huge benefit to aluminum storefronts.  
  • Increased Thermal Performance. As aluminum storefronts have been developed over time, they've been designed with thermal performance in mind. Most recently, dual-break thermal barriers have greatly increased the thermal efficiency of aluminum storefronts. The dual-break barriers help reduce the transfer of heat between the inside of the store and outside. This saves the storeowner money over time and given a long enough time frame can even pay for the installation itself.  
  • Ease of Installation. Aluminum storefront installation is much easier than other types of storefront installation. This can help both store builders and store owners save money on the installation of a new storefront. One of the reasons why aluminum installation has become so popular is because it's so easy to install. Typically, aluminum storefronts are manufactured in pieces that can be easily assembled when required.

Your Business Should Have an Aluminum Storefront

Every business owner should be constantly looking for new ways to increase curb appeal and save on their utilities. This valuable type of storefront is one great way to reduce your energy bill while simultaneously showing off your product to foot traffic.  Check out companies like Glasshopper Schor Glass for more information.