Creating A Fairytopia: How Lanterns Create A Charming And Enchanted Garden Look

Posted on: 28 January 2015


Fairy gardens are very popular with people who like the look of an enchanting place to sit and meditate. Along with beautiful flowers that attract the fairy folk, you can buy or create fairy houses and furniture to encourage the little people to take up residence in your yard. There are also some other little touches you might want to consider to really create the look of an enchanted garden.

Solar-Powered Lanterns and Lights

Some of the nicest garden lanterns and lights are the ones you do not have to provide power for. Solar-powered lanterns and lights have a charming effect when the sun disappears in the evening. They burn softly, like moonlight, and then flicker on and off like will-o-the-wisp lights in a bog. You will never have to worry about disturbing any visits from fairies when you use solar lanterns and lights, and you will please the fairies with your use of "green" lighting options.

Little Lanterns and Twinkling Lights

Purchasing smaller lanterns that even a pixie could use as a source of light in the night is another way to create that unique and charming feeling of another realm. Twinkling lights, when they twinkle slowly, draw the fae in because they think the twinkling lights are other fairies. As long as your intentions are innocent, you have nothing to worry about from the fairies by tricking them to visit the lights in your yard. However, if you plan to draw them in with lights, and then attempt to capture them, you may live to regret it.

Lights for Your Koi Pond

Nature fairies will already be drawn to your Koi pond because of the fish, but if you add lights, you give them permission to swim and play with your Koi at night. The lights also add a lovely enhancement to your Koi pond and help you spot any predators that try to snack on your Koi. You can hang lanterns low on the pond's edge, or install a waterproof lighting system within the pond itself.

Where to Buy Your Enchanted Garden Lights

Most home and garden stores sell garden lighting. You can buy cheap lanterns online as well. Solar garden stakes that resemble fairies and twinkle on and off are available at most home improvement stores and discount stores. Nets of twinkling lights are sold at Christmas time, but you could use these all year round to get the effect you are after in your garden.