Fixing Old Exterior Wooden Shutters

Posted on: 16 January 2015


Exteriors wooden shutters, whether they are functional and decorative will need to be repaired and touched up over the years. You can repair and repaint your wooden shutters without the need to hire a professional contractor. This article will explain how to effectively repair wooden exterior shutters with a few simple tools and skills:

Prepare the Damaged Wood

As wood ages and decays, it can become rough and spurious. You should not try to fix these holes by simply putting wood filler directly into the rough holes. You need to first smooth out the surface so the adhesive in the wood filler will create a stronger bond with the wood grains.

To do this you need to lightly sand the area with a sponge sander. Use a sander with grit between 160 and 300. You can start off with a rougher sandpaper (try the 160) to knock down rough wood. Then, finish the sanding off with the 300 grit sander.

The next step is to fill the hole with the wood filler. Use a wood filler than matches the color and tint of your wood. This will make it easier to match the paint color later in the project. For small holes you can simply fill the holes by applying the filler with your fingers.

For larger holes you will need to use a putty knife. Try to smooth out the filler so it does not protrude from the wood. This will reduce the amount of resanding that you have to do. To sand away the excess filler you can simply use the 300 grit paper. This give the filled area a smooth surface that is ready to be painted.

Painting the Shutters

Many exterior shutters have slats or lattices that can be very time consuming to paint. During this process you will need to be patient and paint with a small paint brush (1'' or less). If you are painting your shutters the same color, or a darker color, you can skip the step of priming the wood. This will save you time and money. Remember to use exterior paints that will protect your shutters from moisture and sun damage.

By repairing and repainting your exterior wooden shutters, your home exterior will look all the more stylish and up to date. It is a very affordable and cost effective way to quickly increase the curb appeal of your property.