6 Key Methods For An Environmentally-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Service

Posted on: 9 January 2015


There are many different environmentally friendly ways to treat your carpet, and more are being developed every day. However, there are some key types of eco-friendly carpet cleanings that work best for most people. Consider hiring a company that uses these methods next time your carpets need cleaned and sanitized.

Lower moisture. Carpet cleaning requires a lot of water. But sometimes, adding extra water is more wasteful than helpful. Low moisture cleanings are easier on the carpet and quicker drying. However, they can be more labor intensive and can require more advanced cleaning solutions, so the cost of a low moisture treatment can be higher than a traditional, more water intensive,.

No rinse. An option save of water used is a no rinse solution. No rinse solutions employ chemicals that evaporate naturally from the carpet, leaving no harmful residue. These chemicals are great for the environment, as no harsh chemicals enter the water stream after rinsing, but, again, they can be more expensive than traditional treatments.

Focused stain treatment. Many traditional carpet cleaning methods employ a very heavy handed approach, treating all carpet as equally stained. However, by focusing on high traffic areas and specific stains, much less water and chemicals can be used to obtain similar levels of cleaning. While more labor intensive, this method allows you carpet to be treated in an individual way and makes the entire treatment much less resource intensive.

Scheduled cleanings. Green carpet cleaning solutions often work best when they are done regularly, before stains set in too deep. By treating stains early, lighter chemicals and treatments can be used to fully remove messes and bacteria. Many companies will also offer a discount for scheduled cleanings, because they like the predictable income.

Eco-friendly focus. More and more companies are offering "green" options when it comes to carpet cleaning, but many are only doing so as a second option. A company that specializes in green carpet cleaning is more likely to have experience and motivation to use green carpet cleaning solutions in a way both environmentally friendly and effective.

Pet friendly options. Getting a carpet clean with pets can be especially difficult, and usually require more intensive and damaging chemicals. However, there are many green carpet cleaning companies that specialize in removing pet odors and stains from carpets in an environmentally friendly manner. Look out for one of these if you have a messy pet.

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